2 0 1 9  T H E A T R E  C A M P

The Purpose Players proudly presents its first ever theatre camp! Open to children grades K-12. Each Summer, a fundraiser is held to raise proceeds for our end of the year production. Because all of our ticket sales go to charity, we are dependent upon sponsors, donations, and fundraisers like these to make our productions a reality.


The camp will run from June 15th to June 21st with performances on June 22nd and June 23rd at Centennial Blackbox Theatre (211 27th Ave N., Nashville, Tennessee 37203).


During their stay, campers will learn how to put on a theatrical production. This includes acting, improvisation, and character development skills.


Campers will put on the hilarious play, What Happened After Once Upon A Time. It is a perfect introduction to the magical world of theatre. A substitute narrator is called in on short notice to present stories from a stack of fairy tale books.  But just as each tale begins its ”once upon a time,” the main characters show up to interrupt and correct the newbie narrator’s telling of their story.  Turns out, these characters have hysterical idiosyncrasies: Rapunzel is an insufferable diva, Cinderella is a clean freak, the Three Little Pigs are hypochondriacs, Little Red Riding Hood is a lawyer defending the Wolf, and more.  The chaos continues until the frustrated narrator finally breaks down.  It’s up to the characters to comfort the narrator and explain what really happened after “once upon a time.”  Wouldn’t you know?  Everyone lived happily ever after, of course!


To officially reserve a spot, the camp registration form must be filled out AND a $10.00 reservation fee must be paid in full through our event page BEFORE May 17th, 2019.


All campers must attend auditions on May 17th at 6:30 PM at Lipscomb University in the Ezell building, room 136. Please note that the camp audition location is different from the camp rehearsal/performance location. Here, campers will receive a script, camp schedule, and terms of agreement.


The fee for this camp is $90.00 per camper and is due on May 17th. Family rates are available upon request.


Times for this camp will vary. Please see the schedule on our event page for a full list of times.


Snacks and water will be provided, but for camp day one (our only camp day long enough for a lunch break) we request for campers to pack a lunch.


Please note that camp day one on June 15th will take place at an alternate rehearsal space that is TBD. The space will be in the Nashville area. Campers will be informed of this location at their audition. 


All further questions can be directed to purposeplayers@gmail.com

To register, click here:

To pay the $10.00 registration fee, click here: