What is Purpose Players?

Purpose Players, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non profit theatre company that donates one-hundred percent of its proceeds from ticket sales to charity. This charity changes with each show, thus giving each show a unique purpose. Hence the name, "Purpose Players". Our mission is to use theatre to give back to the community, while also providing a learning environment where people of all backgrounds can educate themselves in all aspects of the performing arts.

What is our story?

Although we were not an established business yet or under this name at the time, we tested out this this business format in 2015 when we partnered with the H.U.G.S. (Help Us Give Shoes) organization. We put on the play "Beauty IS A Beast" by D.M. Larson and donated everything that we made to H.U.G.S. This format was such a success that Lakewood Theatre Company asked us to do two encore performances in their space later that year. When we did, we were able to donate even more money to the organization and help them put shoes on even more children around the world. After realizing the potential that this business concept could have, we came up with a name to represent ourselves and the rest is history.